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Summer Hair Color Trends Worth Trying

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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Hair color is something that has been used to express individuality in teens and adults for years. With summer on the way,  new hair comes along with it.


Geode hair colors are for when you want something new but not all of the hard work that comes with it. All that you need to do to get Geode hair colors is ombré navy and dark purple together. You also don’t strip the hair!

Colored Roots

This  hairstyle can be literally anything you want. You can choose, red, purple, green, blue, anything! The possibilities for this style are endless.

Smokey Lilac

Smokey Lilac is a purplish grey hair color that gives off the vibe of being someone who loves the  night life. It’s subtle and a great color match for anyone.

“Natural” Unaturals

This coloring choice is similar to pastel but also very different. It’s different because the color is supposed to match your skin tone to make it look like you were  born with that hair color. For example, if you have a lighter skin tone and a naturally dark hair color then a dark purple is a good color to go with. While it can be tedious to find the right color, it will be worth it just to change things up a bit.

Iridescent Unicorn

With a fun name it is also a fun color choice by combining the original grey color trend and updating it with pastels and other bright colors for summer.



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Summer Hair Color Trends Worth Trying