Abbie Neally Spotlight: “I Want To Be Successful”

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Abbie Neally Spotlight: “I Want To Be Successful”

Aaron Sullivan, Staff Writer

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Abbie Neally, a 14. year – old freshman, wants to be a chiropractor when she grows up.

She wants to go to Auburn University or somewhere close to town. She chose to be a chiropractor because she likes helping people. She has a kind heart and a bright future ahead.

She was influenced by her parents Jennifer Neally and Phil Neally to go to college. Her parents are teachers at QHS. Mrs. Neally’s a gym teacher and Mr. Neally’s a driver’s ed teacher.

“My parents inspired me to attend college because, they’re successful and I want to be successful in life and achieve my goals.” Abbie said.

Her biggest form of support is her friends and family. They’ve supported her through thick and thin and will continue to do so.

“If I somehow miss an appointment or forget about it my parents are always there to help me reschedule.” Abbie said.

It isn’t always easy to make time for your family when school, sports, and other things are occurring around you.

“It’s hard but I make time. School first, sports second, and I spend the rest of my time with my family,” Abbie said.

Although focused on softball and basketball, Abbie has played other sports.

“I love to play sports such as softball and basketball. My favorite would have to be softball and my least favorite would be basketball. I’ve loved sports ever since the first grade,” Abbie said.

She wasn’t just focused on basketball and softball she was also interested in volleyball.

“I also played volleyball and was quite interested in it. I liked playing because it reminded me of my mom when she used to play it.” Abbie said.

Aaron Sullivan, Staff Writer

Aaron is a junior who loves working, watching TV, and relaxing in his free time. Aaron decided to join Q-Review because the people in the class are all...

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Abbie Neally Spotlight: “I Want To Be Successful”