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How To Use Office 365 At Home

Evan Toolate, Staff Writer

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Most people want to use Word or PowerPoint but don’t know how. It is easy to use all these apps for free on any device you want.

Go to, sign into Microsoft with your school ID, and these applications should be pinned on the screen with all documents you’ve uploaded to OneDrive.

There are no downloads needed for these apps, but if you want to have these items available offline you must click on Install Office 2016 button to download these apps onto your device for offline use.  Just follow steps given to you.

For people with smartphones that want to download these applications for offline use, download them from the App store on your device.

All features are free but you will need to sign into your school account to access your files from OneDrive so you can complete them anywhere you go.

The Office 365 Suite is also available by logging into your school email and clicking on the box (with multiple small squares) in the upper left corner.

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How To Use Office 365 At Home