“I Will Be The First Girl In My Family To Be In The Military”

Student Explains Her Decision To Join The Air Force

Destiny Hicks, Staff Writer

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My family, a military family, influenced me into wanting to join the military. I enjoy some of the moving and seeing different parts of other states, but I don’t like the fact that I would only stay in the places that we lived at for two or four years. Going to school was hard with moving all the time.

I looked up to my uncle and my father because they worked hard to get into the Marines and the Army, respectively, and they did. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get into the military. It’s not just about the money or benefit you can get for joining. You should want to do it; if you don’t and just join because of the money and benefits, you will not like it.

I made my final decision in about the middle of February to go into the Air Force. My father helped me get started by scheduling a meeting to see what I needed to do. The first step was to see what I needed to work on to take the ASVAB and then paperwork.

When I went back for another meeting, the recruiter help you get ready for the test. Since I can’t take it in Quincy, I will go to leave to St. Louis. I don’t get to take it until mid-May but I study every day to work on my test scores. The test scores determine what kind of jobs I will be able to get.

It is hard work and it takes up most my time but this is what I want to do for awhile. Being in the military is a really big deal. I will be the first girl in my family to be in the military and the first girl to be in the Air Force.

If you truly want to do anything in this world you must push yourself and follow your dream even if people comment on what you want to be. It’s your life and that’s all that matters. I will continue working to make my dream happen.

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“I Will Be The First Girl In My Family To Be In The Military”