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Athlete Of The Week: Kennady Fleer

Tae'ana Johnson, staff writer

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Kennady Fleer hit a 3-run home run vs. Quincy Notre Dame on April 25.  However, her excellent sportsmanship goes beyond the field.

Fleer has played softball and been a part of a cheerleading squad since her 7th grade year. Now, as sophomore and 2nd base player, she has displayed how hard work and dedication can be rewarded.

“It was crazy. We were down until that moment when I hit my home run. I had just hit my first home run the week before. I went up to bat not expecting to hit it. I knew I had to hit to get the ball in play but I didn’t think I was going to hit a home run. Just that feeling of getting the energy up and knowing that that could be a changing point in the game was awesome,” Fleer said.

Fleer also has devoted part of her summers to playing competitive traveling softball and has been doing so since she was around eight years old. Despite the amount of commitment Fleer has put forth, she still believes that improving is a must, no matter how long you’ve been playing.

“We can’t always be perfect. There’s so much to improve on; whether it is defensively or offensively, you can always improve,” Fleer said.

Fleer feels that being a part of a team is one of the best parts of playing sports. She feels that the friendships developed are one of the most important aspects of any sport.

“I love team sports. There’s nothing that can replace the bond you have with your teammates. All the memories and being able to do everything together is important,” Fleer said.

Fleer believes that good sportsmanship is truly revealed outside of sports.

“Being an athlete is more about the person you are. You can’t just be the star player. It’s more about what you do off the field than on the field . I think that being a good role model for other people is really important,” Fleer said.

Even though Fleer has no current plans to continue playing sports after high school, it doesn’t negate the fact that she loves softball and cheerleading all the same.

“I love what I do, and I think that the passion is where it needs to be. If you’re passionate about it, then you should go for it with all your heart. You should keep doing it because that’s what matters most,” Fleer said.

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Athlete Of The Week: Kennady Fleer