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Tips On How -To Study for Finals

Tae'ana Johnson, Staff Writer

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The end of the school year is approaching, drawing out enthusiasm but not enough to extinguish the anxiety that ensues with final exams arriving too. Even though studying for finals can appear to be impossible to conquer, there are several ways to efficiently study without it being so strenuous.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time- A common practice among most teenagers is procrastinating. Not  allowing enough time to properly study the information given can drastically effect how well you retain it. It’s actually a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle to constantly put important tasks aside. It can even lead to stress and anxiety which may make it even harder to focus and remember. It’s important to spread out study time throughout the week rather than cramming it all in the night or even the period before.

Take Regular Breaks-  Studies suggest that studying for more than 90 minutes at a time can actually make it harder to remember the information later on. Instead of spending several hours at once studying, make sure to consistently take around 10 minute breaks between sessions.

Write Instead of Type- According to the book Digitizing Literacy: Reflections on the Haptics of Writing by Anne Mangen and Jean-Luc Velay, writing out information is far more effective than typing it out. The brain conjures the information more tenaciously  when written instead of typed.

Take A Nap-  Yes it’s true, although it may sound odd. It’s been proven that the brain’s ability to make memories is strengthened through sleep. Research recommends sleeping shortly after learning important information.

Get Extra Help- Sometimes you can spend several hours studying something but remembering it can seem impossible. This can usually be attributed to a lack of understanding. It may just take a teacher’s touch to help you fully understand the topic before you can actually begin studying it. If you have spare time before or after school  or possibly during a study hall class, consider taking the extra time and seek help from a teacher.

Quiz Yourself- Reading something continually can only do so much for a person. Quizzing oneself ensures that the information is well understood and easily accessible for the future. Once you’ve learned about 10-15 pieces of new information, take some time out and quiz yourself over it. The questions you are unable to provide the correct answer for, try them until you answer them correctly twice. Another option is to download an app known as Quizlet, which allows you to be able to put all your information into a program designed to help you study & quiz yourself until you get right.

While studying for exams can be nerveracking, don’t let it deter you from achieving the grade you want. Start this summer off on the right path by ending the school year knowing you gave it your best effort.






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Tips On How -To Study for Finals