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Writer Suggests Watching These Anime Shows

Destiny Hicks, Staff Writer

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If you are a first timer in the anime world I highly recommend to start off with these shows. They are from different categories and each episode makes you want to keep on watching.

The top anime on this list is Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online is a science fantasy anime. In 2022 the nerve gear was made for Sword Art Online. It is used to make you feel like you are “in the game”. The main character Kirito of SAO is a beta tester for the game.  Soon after 10,000 players realize that they cannot log out the only way they can leave the game is by beating the game. Sadly Kirito couldn’t save all his new friend he meets along the way. He soon turns into a solo player and works alone. They survive the best they can in this unique world.

Next on our list is Another.

If you are looking for something to scare you with unique plot twist and creepy things happening this is the anime for you.

Another is a novel which was made into an anime. The story is based on a student named Koichi Sakakibara who transferred to Yomiyama Middle School. He soon realizes that the school is weird. There has been death and sadness upon the class. The class soon told him about the curse on the class. There is always an extra person in the class and if you don’t kick one person out to make it even then classmates start to die in unusual accidents. Every year there is always an extra person in the class that returns from the dead.

Coming in third is place is Death Note.

It is about a bored Shinigami (god of death). He drops the death note on the earth to create his own entertainment. When you use the death note you must write a name of the person you want to die. The person will soon die unexpectedly. Light Yagami, the main character of the anime, stumbles across the notebook. Thinking that it’s a joke, He tests it out on criminals. Soon after the death note worked and so he decides to kill all the criminals. So he realizes that he can use this notebook to make his own world with no crimes. He soon started calling himself Kira and later on the police starts to investigate this seral killer. The police brings in Japanese investigator L who is the world’s youngest and eccentric man.

Number four on the list is D. Gray Man.

In the 19th century, Allen Walker, a 15 years-old kid, is an exorcist in the story. His left arm can transform into a monster claw/sword to destroy Akuma which are demon like figures. The Millennium Earl is the creator of the Akuma and his plan is to destroy the world.

The last and final anime that you should watch is Fairy Tale.

Fairy Tale is a fictional story which feature folkloric characters and enchantment. Lucy Heartfilia, one of the characters of the story, joins the famous wizard guild in Magnolia Town called Fairy Tale. The guild members use their power to earn rewards in exchange for fulfilling quests. She becomes friends with a dragon wizard named Natsu Dragneel. They do quests together and make new friends/allies. The world of Fairy Tale is always adventurous.

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Writer Suggests Watching These Anime Shows