Isaac Morales Spotlight: “My success is what I need to be successful.”

Lauren Schafer, Staff Writer

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Isaac Morales, senior, said that his education has always been most important to him.

“I know it will help me be successful in life,” Morales said.

Besides his academics, Morales is involved in football and marching band.

“My dad encouraged me to join football and my mom encouraged me to join marching band,” Morales said. “Football has helped me with discipline and becoming a better person. Marching band helped me to become more responsible with time.”

Since marching band and football are in the same season, Morales had learned to balance both while doing his school work.

“After school I go to football practice until 5:30, marching band from 5:30 to 8 and then I go home and do homework,” he said.

But doing the routine doesn’t always work.

“My sophomore year I did marching band during the football games but now I only do marching band when JV football is playing,” Morales said.

Both of Morales’s parents have supported him through school and his extracurricular activities but Morales said that his mom is his biggest form of support.

“My mom has always been there for me. She is a strong [woman] and she has helped me through thick and thin,” Morales said.

Morales plans to study music composition after high school.

“With that degree, I want to either be a music teacher or write music. I hope to sell the music I write to big bands so they [can perform] it,” Morales said.

There are many schools that offer music composition but Morales said he has two colleges in mind: “Butler University [in Indiana] and Texas Tech.”

While Morales said that music will be his number one option to get into college, he said football is still an option.

“It has been a thought. Maybe if I get a walk on I will try but I will probably do marching band in college,” he said.