Kendall Marks Spotlight: “Being In Sports Has Helped Me Learn New Things.”

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Kendall Marks Spotlight: “Being In Sports Has Helped Me Learn New Things.”

Lauren Schafer, Staff Writer

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Kendall Marks, senior, said that being involved in many school things has helped her see the world in a different way.

“Through cross country, track, marching band, and swim team, I have met new people and tried new things,” Marks said.

Marks got involved in swim team during 4th grade. That progressed into her joining track in 7th grade, and cross country and marching band in 8th grade. She said that her friends and family have supported her through all of it.

“My friends and family cheer me on and encourage me [every day] to try my best and to work hard,” Marks said. “They are always there for me.”

Marks has learned many new skills and techniques from being in all of these sports.

“Cross country and track have taught me mental toughness and marching band has taught me patience and dedication,” Marks said.

To be involved in all of these and to do well in school, Marks said that being successful, hard working, and putting forth her best effort helps make everything go smoothly.

“Success is most important to me because it is an aspect of life and it will help me strive to be successful [in life],” she said.

With these goals in mind, Marks hopes to study engineering in the future.

“Engineering is very interesting. I have family [members] who are involved in engineering and they recommended it,” she said.