Super Moon Trilogy Takes Place At 6:56 A.M.

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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As some people may know at the end of the month there will be a blue moon, total lunar eclipse, and a super moon all occurring at the same time. Due to the total solar eclipse that happened earlier this school year many teachers and staff member are also excited for this astronomical event.

A total eclipse of a blue moon has not occurred since March 31, 1866 and the last super moon was December 12, 2016. Illinois will experience totality of this eclipse around 6:56a.m. on January 31.

While students are not all that excited teachers are beginning to gear up for the event.

“There are cycles that affect the oceans and that the moon affects. Because oceans are affected the land and the shore area is affected; aquatics are affected, terrestrial things are affected. Understanding the cycles of our universe and our globe helps us as humans understand the uniqueness of where we live,” said science teacher Barbara Odear.

Even though the event is early in the morning many people in the school will be getting up to see the moon’s changes.


Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

Bailey is a senior who loves dancing, writing, and acting. Bailey decided to join Q-Review because she loves the energy that the class provides and the...

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Super Moon Trilogy Takes Place At 6:56 A.M.