QHS Presents: On The Bridge At Midnight

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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On February 15th On the Bridge at Midnight by Bruce Brandon will be taking the QHS stage by storm.

The play is about a man, Horatio Wainwright, and a woman, Queenie De Lorme, who fall in love and go home to Horatio’s mother. Queenie, however, has a secret past involving her father being in prison for a crime he did not commit. Her father ends up escaping prison and wandering the earth. She knows that if news of her father’s incarceration gets out she will be thrown out of Horatio’s life. When a mysterious man appears, he threatens Queenie’s secret unless she can get him the papers to Horatio’s invention.

While the play may sound boring at first, the student actors and actresses feel that many of the scenes are exciting to watch and perform.

“I’m most excited to perform the 1st scene of Act III because I get to be on stage with a lot of my cast members and it’s a fun scene to do with a lot of jokes in it,” sophomore Danica Clarke said.

The love of acting will certainly shine through during the performance.

“I love theater and plays and just being around all of these wonderful people. It’s really inspirational,” sophomore Maddy Pool said.

Even though the audience will only see the final product, so much work happens behind the scenes.

“I’m on and off stage. If I’m off, I’m practicing my lines or doing homework. We’re here pretty late most of the time but we get the job done so we’re ready,” Pool said.

With the show upon us these wonderfully talented students are sure to have us clapping and cheering when they take the stage.



Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

Bailey is a senior who loves dancing, writing, and acting. Bailey decided to join Q-Review because she loves the energy that the class provides and the...

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QHS Presents: On The Bridge At Midnight