Why Students Should Be Able To Park Without Paying

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Why Students Should Be Able To Park Without Paying

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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As all QHS students know, we must pay a certain amount to park on school property whether it be on campus or at Flinn Stadium.

This price can range from $60 at the beginning of the school year to $30 and less after Christmas. All and all, it’s not a terrible system. You pay the fee and you have a reserved parking spot but I feel that there comes a point in which making students pay for spots closer to school becomes obnoxious.

Students that park at Flinn Stadium don’t usually walk to school after they park their cars in the lot. Typically, sophomores and some juniors take a transfer bus to actually get to school.

While the spots do start about $10 cheaper than the ones actually at the school, making students pay for spots there seems a bit overkill.

Students are not only paying for a spot on the property when driving to school; they are also paying for the gas in the car and insurance that the state of Illinois requires.

Not only is this system costing the students more over time, but Flinn is also farther away than the actual school causing the students to back track the same distance in a bus which is going to cost the school more money in the long run.

Parking at Flynn is one thing but parking on campus is another.

Campus parking is based on seniority. Most of the time on campus parking is reserved at the beginning of the year for seniors and qualifying juniors ONLY. All seniors get a spot if they want one, costing them $60. If there are still spots available juniors get them if they pay the $60 and have a significant amount of credits.

I was, as a junior, offered a spot in the lower lot before Christmas. Even though I have a job, I already park at AMC for free. The spot I would have had to pay for was $45 which is way more than I wanted to pay to walk less every day for a little more than half the year.

Lowering the price of a spot by $15 is not that great of a deal when you really think about it. By that reasoning, it should only cost $15 per semester to park on campus, cutting the full year price in half from what it is now.

Cutting the price in half for the year would be way better for students because it would be more affordable and the school would be more likely to sell those spots even though paying is still not the ideal for many students.

That is why I feel like the school should either not make students pay for parking spots or at least lower the price of them.

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

Bailey is a senior who loves dancing, writing, and acting. Bailey decided to join Q-Review because she loves the energy that the class provides and the...

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Why Students Should Be Able To Park Without Paying