Jayden Scott Spotlight: “Football Gets Me Through Hard Times.”

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Jayden Scott Spotlight: “Football Gets Me Through Hard Times.”

Lauren Schafer, Staff Writer

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Jayden Scott, freshman, said being in football has impacted his life.

“Football is an escape from [daily life]. I know when I play, I am on track to do something great,” Scott said.

Scott said his dad has influenced him through football.

“My dad gave me a football when I was little and I have loved to play ever since,” Scott said. “I use to hate football but once I started, I knew it would take me somewhere. It gives me something to do, I have [gained] many friends [through it], and it keeps me in shape.”

Throughout Scott’s football career, he has looked up to three famous football players.

“My role models are Cam Newton, Deshaun Watson, and Odell Beckham, Jr. because they all were told they couldn’t do something but they kept [going],” Scott said.

His mom has also influenced his life.

“My mom is my biggest form of support because she can do anything. I try to be like her,” Scott said.

Scott has played football for four to five years and plays wide receiver, corner, and occasionally running back positions. He said that he would like to pursue football and attend Clemson University in South Carolina or a D1 college to get a football scholarship into the NFL. If football doesn’t work out, Scott would like to study agriculture or accounting.

“Accounting is easy and  I saw [information about agriculture] on the history channel on tv and it looked like a good way to meet different people,” Scott said. “I want to travel and make a lot of money. I want to be my own boss and to work at home.”

Some of Scott’s favorite things include the Dodge Challenger car, air Jordans and retro Jordan shoes, hamburgers and french fries, raspberry ice tea and lemonade, and nice clothes. He also said that high school will be the biggest change in your life.