Claire Logan Spotlight: “My Family is My Biggest Supporter.”

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Claire Logan Spotlight: “My Family is My Biggest Supporter.”

Lauren Schafer, Staff Writer

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Claire Logan, sophomore, said her favorite things to do are to dance and help out the rifle team because she feels empowered.

“I’m not the only girl [on the rifle team], but I think that when people think of a rifle team, they probably think it is a team of all boys,” Logan said. “Girls are just as good at things [that] boys are. A girl shouldn’t have to not be able to do something they want because it is classified for boys.”

Logan said that feeling this empowered helps her let go of her worries and thoughts throughout the day.

“Dance is one of my favorite things to do because I can let go and be myself,” Logan said. “[I can] let out any emotions I have been holding in throughout the day.”

Logan also said that rifle team lets her block out all the bad things in this world.

“[Rifle team lets me] block out many things that are bothering me. [It gives me a chance] to concentrate on shooting well.”

Logan said that her family has helped her though dance and the rifle team.

“My family is most important to me because they are very supportive and my parents helped me to get where I want to be,” Logan said.

Logan got involved with dance and the rifle team because of her family’s impact.

“My dad and grandpa told me that QHS had a rifle team and I like to shoot, so I got involved,” Logan said. “I started out taking gymnastics and I [saw] a dance studio. I told my parents that I wanted to be a dancer and [they followed through].”

Some of Logan’s favorite things include the colors purple and blue and her favorite subject is either math or science. Logan also plans to attend an arts college to become a dance teacher.