Girls Softball Players Are Hitting it Out of the Park

Anna Brandon, Staff Writer

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The softball team plans to start their season with focusing on their first game against West Hancock on March 16.

Outfielder Danica Clarke, sophomore, said she is looking forward to facing QND and beating them for the second time after six years. She is also looking forward to their first game against West Hancock and seeing their determination in practice.

Success on the field is determined by what they do during the off season.

“We have two weeks of full-out conditioning. Starting at 5:30 am and I go to cross fit to keep me in shape for season,” said Clarke.

Outfielder Hannah Fuglaar, senior, said she plans to work on focusing on each game and doing everything she can do for her team. Fuglaar is plans to play  softball at Westminster College next spring.

As the season begins, Abbie Neally, sophomore, pitcher and outfielder hopes that the softball team will come together and work as a group.

With only  two seniors who left last year, Fuglaar said, “We are returning almost all of our starters. This has allowed us to get stronger as a team and use our experience to our advantage.”