Mr. QHS Contestants Raise Money For Charity

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Mr. QHS Contestants Raise Money For Charity

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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Many senior guys will soon be taking the stage to compete for the title of Mr. QHS.

Cole Clifford and Keith Garner are just two of the many guys participating in the event along with their escorts Hannah Tallerico and Grace Crickard.

While Garner and Clifford both weren’t originally planning on participating, they’re both glad they did.


“I was first asked by someone who was already doing it because there weren’t enough people doing it. It’s also just for a good cause,” said Clifford.

Not everything has been smooth sailing though.

“I probably would maybe sign up sooner rather than putting everything together two days before it’s due. Other than that I think things have gone really well,” said Garner.

With  the event this Friday both Garner and Clifford have raised close to $100 for their charities and hope to raise even more before the week is out.

“Some people say there isn’t much of a significance because we don’t raise that much money but I think it does create significance in our community,” said Clifford.

Be sure to get tickets to the show on March 16th at 7 pm in the QHS theater from any contestant $5 before hand and $8 at the door. The contestants will compete in sportswear, talent, formal wear, and if they are a finalist they will do an onstage interview.