Seniors to get out 6 days early

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Seniors to get out 6 days early

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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Every student knows that becoming a senior and graduating high school is the overall goal. However, this year seniors will be leaving this building for the last time a bit early.

Getting the opportunity to end the school year early was not easy for all seniors.

“I could not figure out how to pass the math proficiency test. It was very difficult,” said Alexiss Enright.

Enright also plans to pursue her dream after high school of being an early education teacher by going to John Wood and then, hopefully, Culver Stockten College.

While some students are choosing to focus on their future and career, others are going to spend their time making the most of the rest of the year and relaxing with those extra days off.

“I approached [this year] with the mindset that I was going to have good grades,” said Noah Earnest.

Getting and keeping good grades can be difficult so relaxing a little bit will be a good thing.

“[The extra 6 days] give seniors time to relax before graduation and time to get things together,” said Earnest.

Now that the end of four years is fast approaching for these students, they have begun to look back on those years, some of them wishing they had done better in years prior.

“[I wish I could redo] my junior year. I really slacked off and now I’m having to get all caught up,” said Enright.

As the graduating class of 2018 leaves the building, we will all be wishing them luck on their journey into college and life after high school.