Physics Students Are St. Louis Bound

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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On May 11 juniors and seniors enrolled in Physics are St. Louis bound for their Annual Physics Day.

Students can plan on not having to wait in long lines, having free reign of the park, and being there from nine in the morning until five at night.

Physics and AP Physics teacher Brandi Many does the annual trip to Six Flags so her students can see “physics in action and how it relates to the real world.”

“Physics is a lot of things that we talk about but can’t see. For example, gravity. I can talk about gravity but I can’t show you gravity but you can feel gravity when you’re on a roller coaster,” Many said.

Students that take Physics can see the class as difficult to follow because they cannot see the concepts that are taught. Going on the Six Flags trip really can put things into perspective for students.

Students will receive a packet of work to do while they are at the park. Some of the problems in this packet will include measuring G-forces, energy conversions, and measuring angles of elevation.

Many thinks that Physics students going to Six Flags is “just a day of putting what we learn into what we can see.”