Spotlight: Morgan Pettyjohn

Emily Hoover, staff writer

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Morgan Pettyjohn, sophomore, said her most important goal is schooling and education.  

“I want to make sure I finish high school and go to college at some point,” she said. 


Pettyjohn said that she has a few colleges in mind but plans to start at John Wood Community College and plans to major in education. 


Pettyjohn also would like to be successful when she graduates high school. 


“After school I would like to work and make money. 

“I want to go to John Wood Community College and would like to major in education.” 


Pettyjohn doesn’t participate in after school activities because she works a lot. 

“I work at Culvers after school, so I don’t have time to do anything else,” she said.  


Pettyjohn’s hobbies include watching Netflix and hanging out with her friends. 

“Some of my favorite shows are Pretty Littler Liars and How I Met Your Mother,” she said.  


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Spotlight: Morgan Pettyjohn