Social Media: The Good, The Bad, And The Dirty

Emily Hoover, staff writer

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Information and help 

How do we know when a tragedy strikes? Social media. There have been many tragedies and natural disasters across the world, social media strikes up everyone’s patriotism to help their community, family, friends, and neighbors. Go Fund Me accounts and other things like it help people courteously donate money to fund funerals and help natural disaster victims. 

Law Enforcement 

Police investigators have started using social media to catch and prosecute criminals. Police can monitor suspicious activity until they find what they need to prosecute the person.  Some crimes solved through social media include racist acts, hate crimes, gang related activity, and assaults.  


Over the years, voter turnout has been increasing because of social media. Because many people use social media, politicians started using social media to gain followers quickly, constantly, and with little to no cost. Politicians can now stay connected and voice their opinions instantly. 

Job seekers 

Social media has a huge impact on job offers. Applying for a job online is easy, takes about five to ten minutes, and is sent directly to the employer. If you search “job offers,” millions of job offers will come up, just waiting for you to apply. You can also read certain qualifications for a job before you apply. Social media also helps employers spread the word that they need of more workers.  

Student’s school life 

Social media helps students research beyond classroom textbooks and common knowledge. Students can now debate and discuss educational topics with peers online with outside sources through the internet. Social media helps students learn the differences between a credible source or a not so credible source.  

Student’s personal life 

Students use social media to make new friends online. Social media also helps students socialize with distant relatives and friends they wouldn’t be able to talk to or see. Many apps such as Snapchat, Skype, and Facetime allow students to see and talk to friends and family who may be far away.  



Many movements are started by social media. Many people advertise their thoughts and eventually many others will agree and start helping the leader fund the movement. Some movements from social media as #BlackLivesMatter and #LoveWins. Many new movements inspire others to make a change in the world.  



   False Information 

Since the introduction of social media, rumors and false information about people, organizations, and products has increased. If one person posts a negative thought to make someone angry, it makes it easy for people to attack the accused person without thought because it’s posted and must be true. If someone received a defective product and tells everyone, the sales for that product will decrease, even though there were very few reports of the defect.  

         Criminal use 

Criminals can use social media to commit fraud on a person’s identify or money. The criminals can hack your bank account, personal information and important documents. Criminals also use social media to promote their crimes to others. A criminal impersonating other people can make it hard for police investigators to catch the criminals.   


Social media allows people to remain anonymous over a keyboard, allowing them to say hurtful thing to other people without realizing there are major consequences. Cyberbullying is a problem created by the people misusing social media. Many teens turn to self-harm, and in the worst cases, suicide because they feel that they can’t escape their bully. Cyberbullying can lead to rumors and threats to someone, making them afraid to leave their own house.  

Stress and relationships 


Social media can enable couples to monitor what their partner is doing online and makes it easier for someone to be unfaithful. Closely monitoring someone’s chats and comments online can drive a relationship to encounter stress and cause issues between the couple. Social media can cause communication issues. Couples may only interact online for the majority of the time instead of face to face.   

Student Grades 


Students may use social media to find answers to homework questions instead of learning the material for themselves. Students may also overuse social media, affecting their grades. Students may spend hours on social media, ignoring homework or test review material.  


Everyone has a digital footprint. During an interview, your past can be brought up. If you are using foul language and criticizing others on social media, an employer can look at it too. If a picture or rumor is spread about you, an employer can see it.  Whether you think it’s deleted or not, it may still be on the web somewhere else because someone else may have already saved it.