Native Bar And Grill Will Have You Coming Back For Seconds

Anna Brandon, Staff Writer

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Quincy has gotten new restaurants the past couple months. One of the newer bar and grills is Native. It is located down near the riverfront. They took over the Tilted Kilt and opened in March . The restaurant provides different foods like hamburgers, wings, salads, and seafood.

Before Prom, my date and I decided to try it out, hoping it was a good choice after all the reviews we got. As we got there, there wasn’t a lot of cars. There was  a lot of  space to park which was surprising considering it was Prom night at  6 p.m.

Once we got there we we’re served quickly with our drinks and didn’t have to eat for her to come get our food orders. With the restaurant not being busy, the food took less than 25 minutes at the most and the food was done well. Other than serving, the waitress made sure everything was good and refilled our drinks when we needed them.

I ordered the Native slider on the Mix-n-Match part of the menu. You get to choose two of the sliders with a side of their fries. It seems small but it was good. I was impressed by how well the meat was cooked. I would for sure go back and order that again. Plus our total was only $22.

The restaurant itself is pretty big and clean. The location of Native Grill is a good place, since it doesn’t get crazy busy down by the river. They have different places to sit, there is a upstairs where you can have party, and they have TVs everywhere, showing sports that are happening.