Semesters Only School Year

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Semesters Only School Year

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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Now that students and staff are well into this school year, many are beginning to look to midterms and finals at the end of the semester. The only thing is that QHS no longer has midterms! QHS has made the switch to having a semester based school year.

While this is a pretty big change from what students have been doing for their entire school career, Principal Jody Steinke is not anticipating any problems with how grades will be figured or students and parents not knowing what is going on.

“People just aren’t used to it. Whenever you make a change people don’t necessarily understand it so we need to do a pretty good job of making sure everyone knows of the changes” principal Jodi Steinke said.

Some students are worried that the switch may make things harder than they have been.

“Students might find it much more stressful to worry about and deal with,” senior Miranda Lord said.

Steinke thinks otherwise “We found that if a student maybe had some issues first quarter no matter what they did after that you’re still stuck with that really bad percentage that is still 42.5% of your final grade. Now, I think that it will be easier to catch up, or salvage, a semester when you maybe started out slow.”

Even though finals are a little ways off from now, Steinke thinks that students could start prepping for finals now. Students will be taking finals after Christmas break this year but there will be a week of prep time for everyone to prepare and get back in the swing of things.

Other than the time change for finals, there will be no other change to how finals run. Students will not have to stay for the full day; after kids are done taking finals they are able to leave campus for the rest of the day.