Get Out And Vote

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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Students are challenged with selecting the best people to represent their class on the homecoming court with seniors having the extra duty to pick the 2018 homecoming king and queen.

While voter turn out for homecoming has been low in the past, student council is hoping to either increase turn out or change it altogether.

“Right now I don’t think [homecoming court] is efficient. We are only getting 20% of votes, so I think it’s just pure laziness and if people are lazy, to me, it’s like they don’t care,” said All School President Honor Morgan.

Hopefully every class will have a high number of voters but Morgan believes that one class particularly will have the highest amount.

“I think juniors [will have the highest voter turn out] because they want to keep it for next year. I know a lot of seniors don’t care because they won’t be here next year and I hate that they [may be] ruining it for everyone,” she said.

Even though homecoming court seems to be loved by many students and student council, times may be changing come next year.

“We feel like we are putting too much work into something that’s not appreciated or used by the students, so we want to make sure what we’re doing is what the students want,” Morgan said.

If votes don’t come in like student council wants this year, homecoming court may become an exclusive thing for seniors only or taken away altogether.

“If it does get changed and we don’t reach 40%, we will possibly start doing it as a seniors only king and queen. I know a lot of people were upset about that because it excludes underclassman. If [voter turn out is low] then we may just take it away completely,” said Morgan.

To make sure homecoming court is secure next year, students can vote online through their student email. Each student is allowed to vote for their class with seniors getting to vote twice for court as well as king and queen. just click the “vote” button!