QHS Presents: Oklahoma!

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QHS Presents: Oklahoma!

Kelsey Leerhoff, Staff Writer

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Oklahoma! a classic Broadway musical by Oscar Hammerstein II that first hit the stage in 1943, is coming to QHS as our fall musical. This show was last preformed at QHS in 2001.

It just so happens to be that Oklahoma! is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, so it seems almost fitting that our music department has decided to put on this time-honored musical.

Senior Lauren Tweedell, who plays the lead female Laury Williams, said “Musical is [a] pretty big time commitment. We practice pretty much every single day after school [because] we have such a short time frame to put the show together.”

Since Oklahoma! has been a classic for three quarters of a century, most people tend to know the basic plot of the show. However, as Senior Brad Eston, who plays Andrew Carnes, puts it, it is about “…an all-American cowboy who falls in love with an all-American girl. Then there’s this guy, Jud, who comes between them. Most the musical is the cowboy trying to get the girl, as most musicals were in that time.”

Some other leading roles are: Senior J.T. Atwood as Curly McClain, Senior Casey Cox as Jud Fry, Senior Ava Miller as Aunt Eller, Senior Olivia Wathen as Ado Annie, Senior Josef Lawler as Ali Hakim, Senior Makayla Franklin as Gertie Cummings, Senior Ben Makins as Will Parker, and  Junior Mitch Molidor as Ike Skidmore.

The crew runs everything the audience doesn’t see on stage and is very important to the overall experience of watching or even performing. Freshman Kristen Zanger said that the crew ” …makes the set, helps with the lights, figures the tech out.”

Many students participate in the musical each year.”I love being around other musically talented people, and it is always a fun time and you get to make new friends.” Eston said.

Others agree. Atwood, says “[Last year] I had a really good time with it, [and] I like to think I’m good at it. It’s something I really enjoy doing so there’s no reason not to come back.”

New and old members of the musical all get different things from being involved. For some its new friendships, for others it is just their generalized love of musical theater. For freshman Landon Kanauss, it’s all about “The interactions with other people.” But for senior Josh Roan, it’s to”…learn a lot from it and grow with my weaknesses.”

The shows, starting November 7-11, are going to be in the QHS theater, and can be purchased for 20 dollars at the theater before the show starts.