Ninth Hour Aims To Help Students Succeed

Alec Eaton, Staff Writer

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As the year begins, you’ll notice that your classes might be getting harder. You’re not the only one. Eventually, you’re going to want some help, and that’s where 9th hour comes in.

Ninth Hour is a 47-minute class, that meet every day except Wednesdays, where you can catch up on all your work or participate in a variety of activities.

“We are always interested in what the student wants and we’re here to provide that,” said Kate Schumacher, coordinator of ninth hour.

This program has been working for students of all grades for the past 10 years. It has been changed from being mandated to being a choice. It also could count as one of your elective credits.

Ninth hour consists of four parts: study skills, Edgenuity, face-to-face credit recovery and other activities. Students can participate in community service and clubs such as game board club, girls who code, and FBLA.

“Anyone who has failed English, math, or science should join,” said Mindy Jackson, ninth hour counselor.

Classes run from 2:30 p.m. to 3:17 p.m. All students who stay until 4:00 are eligible for transportation.

Ninth hour is held in multiple classrooms and you can sign up with Jackson in room D221 or with one of your counselors in the guidance office.