Students And Paperless Classes

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Students And Paperless Classes

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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Replaced by laptops, Triumph Boards, and other new technology in the classroom, paper has become a thing of the past.

Even though most students agree that this is a good thing and is improving the ability to learn, others are on the fence about it.

Sophomore Sam Gillespie uses computers in several of his classes, including AP US History, German, Algebra, English, and Chemistry. He sees many advantages to having his school work online.

“I prefer a computer over paper because of the ease of access to more information,” said Gillespie.

As a visual learner, Gillespie feels that having technology in the classroom helps him learn better as well as more accurately and he can see technology becoming more integrated into classroom procedures in the future.

“I hope [bringing computers into the classroom continues] because the evolution of computers is rising and people are going to keep using computers throughout their lives,” said Gillespie.

On the other hand, freshman Lucy Vilsick can see several drawbacks to having her classes online.

“I feel like English shouldn’t be [taught on a computer] because you are supposed to read from a book and write essays. I feel like it is more beneficial to do that kind of stuff on paper and read from a real book instead of reading from and typing on a computer,” said Vilsick.

Vilsick also feels like learning can become harder when done on a computer because it limits the ways you can study.

“When you read [textbooks] yourself and take notes on it, you have multiple way of learning the information,” she said.

With many students relying on technology in their classes it seems that technology will soon be taking center stage not only in our physical world, but the educational one as well.