Justice McCabe: Poverty Can’t Hold Me Down

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Justice McCabe: Poverty Can’t Hold Me Down

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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Senior Justice McCabe is 18 years old. She enjoys painting and helping others. McCabe is also involved in a number of clubs, including Spanish Club, Coding Club, and Beta Club. Her biggest supporters in her life are her best friend, senior Talia Percy, and her boyfriend Bryce Austin.

While McCabe is one of the most kind people in this building, her past hasn’t been all rainbows and gumdrops. McCabe spent her entire childhood in poverty.

“I grew up in poverty and that kind of made me realize that I only had one way out [and] that was to get an education. I am determined to get my family out of poverty and the only way to achieve that goal is by going to school and going to college and earning that money,” she explained.

Living and growing up in poverty can obviously cause some issues for kids. Due to this, McCabe found strength in her church community.

“I became involved in church when I was feeling like I had nowhere to go. My friend brought me to church and I guess that kind of opened my relationship with the church up,” McCabe said.

More recently, McCabe’s parents have pulled up their roots in Quincy to move elsewhere while McCabe opted to stay in town after making many friends.

“I chose to stay here because I had made friends and started getting involved and I wasn’t about to leave,” she said.

McCabe, even though her parents have moved from Quincy, continues to look up to her mother as a strong role model in her life.

“She has always tried her hardest to provide for me and my siblings [Denis and Johnathan]. She has taught me invaluable lessons that no one else could ever teach me. She taught me that you can get far in life with hard work and that you should always be kind to people because you never know what they’re going through,” McCabe explained.

Currently McCabe is living on her own and she feels like she is in a very chaotic point in her life.

“I am constantly worried about work and keeping my grades up. My friends and supports have definitely helped me through a lot of this. I am planning on saving some money to move to a place I actually like as well as going to college. I’m super excited for that,” said McCabe

McCabe, even though her past and present are rather shaky at times, has high hopes for the future. She plans to attend John Wood Community College in their Lab Tech program, work for Blessing, and eventually attend Quincy University and study to become a Lab Technician Supervisor. McCabe is also hoping to open up a nonprofit organization that aids homelessness.