Dumplin’ Is Not What You Think It Is

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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The new Netflix movie Dumplin’ that came out on December 7 of this year is one that will take you on a journey of acceptance, love, and loss.

The movie stars Danielle Macdonald as Willowdean Dickson and Jennifer Aniston as Rosie Dickson. These two make up a mother daughter duo that are polar opposites of each other. Willowdean is a plus size girl who is trying her best to come out of her mother’s shadow in the beauty pageant scene while Rosie is embarrassed of her daughter’s weight, looks, and how it affects her image as a past beauty queen.

This movie is very good, but it does have its flaws.

What I loved about this movie was how it took the outcast archetype and used those traits to sculpt the main characters. Having a main character who is also plus size and having her be the star is not only eye opening for the viewer but I feel that it is also an eye opener for other creators. I also loved the storyline. Typically you don’t see bigger girls up on stage in a beauty pageant, but seeing that in the movie and having it be portrayed as a good thing and something that is possible could provide confidence for a ton of girls who watch the movie. Overall, it put a new and refreshing spin on the pageant world and who is able to walk in those high heeled shoes.

However, at times this movie was a bit hard to follow, and you had to think about things which is often not something you want from a happy-go-lucky Netflix title. The reason this movie became hard to follow is because there are several characters and storylines you have to keep track of. You have a love story going on between Willowdean and Bo (played by Luke Benward), a story of loss between Willowdean and Rosie about Aunt Lucy who had passed away six months prior to the movie beginning, and a story of acceptance that includes going to beauty pageants and letting drag queens help you prep for that pageant. Due to how many storylines there are and the characters you need to keep straight, I often had to think about the names and personalities of characters when there were story jumps; this was not something I was expecting to have to do for a Netflix title.

Overall, I give this movie a 7/10. It was super good but it certainly had potential to be great and that didn’t happen.