Homeroom Grade Levels

Evan Toolate, Staff Writer

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Students may have noticed a major change to homerooms this year. Instead of mixed grade levels, students are now organized with their grade level peers.
Unlike last year, homerooms will come with more benefits for the students.
“It gives our students a better opportunity for them to help each other out with things they may be working on together in class,” said Vice Principal Dr. Sarah Gass.
Certain activities will take place with this change as well, like assemblies or reading the announcements that follow more with your current grade level.
“It’s a nice way to get information to the students at the school,” said Gass. “You can get to know a teacher in a different mindset.”
The change helps students talk about anything as a grade level rather than the entire school on an unrelated topic. It keeps everything fast paced for students and teachers.
This not only benefits the students, but also the staff. It is easier to locate students, it keeps announcements short, and it keeps everything organized and easier to keep track of.
“We don’t anticipate changing homerooms in the future,” said Gass.