Putting The “Pep” In Pep Band

Kelsey Leerhoff, Staff Writer

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Now that marching season is officially over, Pep Band is starting to play that familiar music you hear every time you go to Blue Devil sporting events.

Matthew Gabriel, band director, said” Pep Band is a group of instrumentalists that is primarily made of students in the [concert] band. These students form two bands and perform at athletic events throughout [the year]. ”

Marching Band and Pep Band may have the same students in both, but they are technically not the same thing.

Senior Jillian Woodward said that they’re different because “the music we play is definitely different.” and She also thinks “it’s easier for the people listening to get into it.”

However, Senior Brittany Steckler said they’re alike because “you obviously move as a unit… but that’s about it.”

Where Concert Band’s music is determined by the band director, Pep Band plays traditional school songs that have been played for several consecutive years, and the occasional pop song.

The Pep Band tends to play more upbeat, happy music, in order to hype up a crowd at a Blue Devil sporting event.

Gabriel said that “the music is mostly popular music or a lot of tunes that people know. We play classics, classic rock, and some classic pop tunes. We [also] play a lot of traditional music for the blue devil sequence.”

Deborah Johnson, band director, said Pep Band is beneficial to the school because “Pep Band is another way for students to be involved in the school and create a fun atmosphere at the games.”

Freshman Emma Gottman said “I really enjoy going to the games and playing in the band. The upperclassman are really inclusive and friendly to the freshman as well.”

Returning members of the Pep Band have returned for a reason. Junior Brady Sohn said that he returned because “it’s just really fun. I get to cheer on QHS.”

Pep Band season officially starts after Thanksgiving break. Gabriel said the band “usually wraps up at the end of the boys basketball season.” However, “Sometimes [they play] a little bit longer if we’re asked to play at [other] events.”

If you happen to be wondering how you could possibly join, there are strict requirements.

“In order to be in the Pep Band, you have to be part of our school ensemble. We also have a certain level of musicianship you have to be at to be able to perform with the Pep Band. Attendance is also very important, and [because] we’re lucky enough to have two bands…students need to commit to being there and at the required performances,” said Gabriel.