Foreign Exchange Students at QHS

Kelsey Leerhoff, Staff Writer

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This year QHS is home to four foreign exchange students.

The exchange students who attend QHS are from a variety of countries like Japan and Liberia.

For example, sophomore Krittika Ghosh is from India.

When asked, senior Rai Fukada said that she chose to be an exchange student because she “wanted to study English.”

“It’s kinda pretty cool here because I get the chance to make new friends,” said senior Joe Suakolli.

Although each student is surrounded by something new, “some of the subjects [taught], and most of the people are kind of the same,” said Ghosh.

However for Fukada,”Everything is different.”

Some of our exchange students are involved in our extra-curricular’s also.

Ghosh is part of the “theater group, like crew and the technical crew, Key Club, the FBA (Future Business Leaders of America), and I’m also apart of the coding club.”

The process of being an exchange student is “a really long tough thing. It was really difficult,” said Suakolli.