Zanger Pumps Up The Crowd As Our New Blue Devil

Evan Toolate, Staff Writer

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Senior Kade Zanger has taken a big step this year to show off his spirit as the new Blue Devil.

“My job is to get our fans all fired up for the games,” said Zanger. “I was nervous at first, but once on the court, I fed off the energy and got everyone pumped for the game.”

Although a lot of work was put into his performance his first night, Zanger had to go through a long process in order to become the Blue Devil.

He had to go to an interview, tryout, gave a PowerPoint to the supervisors, and get several recommendations from students.

After a long process and wait, it all paid off and was worth it as Zanger raises everyone’s spirit in the crowed, including the players.
Zanger also plays baseball in the spring.