AP Biology To Be A Course Option Next Fall

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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As our school year winds down our current freshman through juniors are looking to put their schedules in place for next school year. However for incoming juniors and seniors there will be a new option to get the last of their remaining science credits and perhaps earn some college credit in the process.

AP Biology has been added to the roster of classes for the 2019-2020 school year. This class is only offered to juniors and seniors because what will be taught is the equivalent to a college level biology course.

AP Bio will build off the knowledge that students learn in their freshman biology class and sophomore chemistry class. Having the prerequisite of biology and chemistry is essential for excelling in the class.

“[what students are] Learning is often times will build on what the knowledge base for chemistry, so in honors biology we talk about macromolecules and then we are going to go even deeper into how that chemistry works in AP Bio,” teacher Cheryl Vogler said.

For students planning on majoring in science, this class will only help push them along that path.

“If you are a prospective science major, AP Bio will actually provide a solid foundation for higher level science courses. If I’m interested in physical sciences I could actually take this course to study how physics and chemistry are applied to living systems,” Vogler said.

Students tend to agree that taking this course will help with college prep, especially for those who plan to go into a scientific field.

“In general, AP classes are good for preparing for college because they’re college level and if I want to do anything that involves science in the future then it will help me with that,” junior Abigail Oakley said.

While it is easy to think that science teachers pushed for this course to be added, it actually came out of student initiative.

“Students had asked why we don’t teach AP Bio and I said to them if you want to take that course you’re going to have to convince the administration that you want to do that. There was a group of kids that got together and basically created a petition that said that they wanted to take AP Bio and they took that to the administration,” Vogler said.

As for students planning to take this course, expect to do more work with DNA and plants as well as going more in depth with many experiments as well.