Joey Alston: Writing My Way To Success

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Joey Alston: Writing My Way To Success

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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Amy “Joey” Alston is 17 and a senior here at QHS. She has four siblings named Nick, Jason, Alyssa, and Timmy and considers her happiness and well-being to be the most important thing in her life. In her free time she enjoys playing video games, mostly The Sims, painting, exercising, and writing.

Even with all of these other hobbies, writing has taken center stage in Joey’s life.

“[I like to write] fantasy, romance, and realistic fiction. [I hope to eventually] get my work published,” Joey said.

When writing she likes to provide a wide range of diversity in her characters so more people can relate to them.

“The most important thing that’s a theme throughout my stories is diversity and inclusiveness. There are a lot of LGBT characters; I don’t think I’ve had one straight main character,” Joey said.

In pursuing writing, she has always been creative taking inspiration from friends and the world around her.

“I’m very creative. I’m always coming up with ideas even when I’m not meaning to. I get inspiration from everywhere, [especially from] the people I meet and things that happen in real life,” Joey said.

In regards to her current stories, she has a couple in the works.

“One of the stories is an adventure and it has some romance in it; the other one is just realistic fiction and romance,” she said.

Joey has many goals for her writing, ranging from actually finishing something to eventually getting published. Joey will be attending John Wood Community College in the fall to pursue a degree in creative writing. With support from her sister, she hopes to achieve all of her goals.