Make Spring Break Awesome

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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QHS students will be getting out of school Thursday, April 18 and returning on Tuesday, April 23 for Easter/spring break. For many students and their families, they will be leaving to go on trips those five days off but for those staying more local, here are some things to do to make sure your break isn’t a drag.

1. Go job hunting

The end of April and beginning of May is the perfect time to look for a job. Many summer time positions will be opening up for interviews and some year long positions will be opening up to handle the excess people that will be coming in because they have more time in the summer. Some of these jobs include several with the Quincy Park District, babysitting, and other local jobs at stores and restaurants.

2. Organize a family Easter egg hunt

Many people enjoy spending time with family over breaks so why not make hanging out with them a little more exciting. Planning an Easter egg hunt for the little kids in your family will not only let you hang out and go shopping around for treats and candy, but it also lets you spend a little more time with the people that love you most.

3. Take a day trip

Even if your family isn’t planning a big trip for the break, taking a mini day trip might be an option. We all know Quincy isn’t the most exciting place, especially if you’ve lived here your whole life, but driving an hour or so away to Springfield or a half hour to Hannibal would be exciting to do with family or friends. Almost everyone enjoys an impromptu road trip!

4. Have a bonfire

Even though the weather around here can be kind of unpredictable, almost any weather can be bonfire weather. Call up some friends and cook hot dogs and s’mores over an open fire for not only a fun evening but also to make spring break memories that could last a lifetime.

5. Catch up on your favorite TV shows

There is no better time for catching up on your favorite TV or Netflix shows than spring break! Having a full five days to just chill out on the couch and eat snacks is probably the best way to spend your break. Break would also be a good time to finally start that new show you’ve had your eyes on for awhile!