Thunderhead “hits you hard”

Kelsey Leerhoff, Staff Writer

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Thunderhead, by Neal Schusterman, is an amazing book continuing to follow the life of Rowan Damish (Scythe Lucifer) and Citra Terranova (Scythe Anastasia). Their complicated struggles make the book very entertaining and will have you on the edge of you seat.

Thunderhead is the sequel to Scythe, also by Schusterman. Scythe is about how the world has become so perfect, yet so flawed. It introduces us to Scythes, a special group of people who are in charge of tolling out death, because death has been eradicated in this world. Scythe also introduces readers to Rowan and Citra as our main characters, and it’s hard to not instantly get attached to these two. Some freshman classes at QHS analyze Scythe throughout the  first semester, so a fair number of students read it.

After reading and loving Scythe myself, I went on to read its sequel, Thunderhead. Thunderhead is almost better at times because you can tell how amazing the thought process was behind this book. This book is fantastic and is the best book I’ve read in a while.

Scythe and Thunderhead are Sci-fi books, and as someone who doesn’t like sci-fi, they both blew me away. Most sci-fi books play into being sci-fi way too much,but this book had a good balance of sci-fi, and doesn’t use it as an excuse for every plot hole that may show up.

Thunderhead takes place one year after the first book ends, and we are quickly caught up on what’s been happening with our characters from Scythe. Rowan Damish has become the infamous Scythe Lucifer, a rogue who murders other Scythes. Citra Terranova has become Scythe Anastasia, a woman who gleans (this world’s version of saying murder) peculiarly, sparking up even more disagreement in the Scythedom (the Scythe’s community).

For a sequel, this book is surprisingly amazing. The word ‘sequel’ comes with a negative stigma that it will always be worse than what has preceded it. But Thunderhead completely curves that expectation. Some might even say that it was better than the first book.

The only grievance I have with this book is its beginning. It starts out a little slow, and in a book that has some awfully big expectations to compare to, considering how amazing the first book was, a slow beginning isn’t an ideal thing.

However, Thunderhead turns that around in a matter of chapters. When the book picks up, it picks up fast, and it hits you hard.

Sadly, Thunderhead ended on a HUGE cliffhanger, and even worse, as of now, the release date for the next book hasn’t been announced. The title, as of now, is The Toll.

I would recommend this book to anyone I know. But before reading it I would strongly recommend reading Scythe first, or else you’ll be completely lost.