PALS Offers Students A New Outlet

Evan Toolate, Staff writer

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PALS is a year long class that meets in Brandi Many’s room during room during 5th hour. The peer mentoring group is full of students helping other students. Some activities are team building activities and the class occasionally has guest speakers.

The purpose of PALS is to give students someone to talk to who is same or around the same age as them. The group is an outlet for students who don’t feel comfortable talking to a teacher or an adult.

“It’s a really good group,” Said many, “The design of [PALS] is kids have someone to talk to. No one will judge them, and no one will get in trouble. Anything said is confidential.”

Although this class is for the students, confidentiality is extremely important. Anything that was told to a PAL cannot be repeated or told to anyone else, and PALS never mention any names.

This class is not for everyone. Only junior and senior can be in it for now and it cannot be signed up for. PALS requires recommendation from two peers and in the past selected students have also been interviewed by Many.

Everyone in this class works on coming up with better ideas and more convenient solutions to real life situations. Right now, the students are learning about trust.

Overall, PALS emphasizes everything from communication, visuals, and guidance to having a dedicated friend by your side to help another out.