Students Should Start Prepping For AP Exams

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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With the SAT and PSAT upon juniors and underclassmen, many of those students are also looking to take AP tests come May 6-17.

Focusing on the SAT is way different than trying to prep for multiple AP exams though. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get through them.

1. Don’t just rely on your teacher

Your teacher can only do so much to prep a class for their exam and if you aren’t reviewing material on your own outside of class, you may not get the score you want. Many teachers will take a couple of weeks before the exam to go over stuff and review but you can’t expect all teachers to take that time out of class to do it. Review material on your own.

2. Take prep tests and look into using quizlet

There are so many resources online to help you study for AP tests and most of the time you can do them right from your phone. Quizlet is a great resource to use to help learn vocab and concepts that will be on your test and if your teacher actually has a quizlet account, that’s even better.

3. Chill out

Stressing out about exams will only make it harder to remember the information and studying for hours on end won’t help either make sure to take breaks while studying and maybe do a calming activity like coloring to stimulate your brain in a different way. Not only will this help you relax but it will help you feel refreshed when you get back to studying.

4. Know how to write for each test

writing an essay for AP Lang is going to look way different than a free response for AP Psychology. Make sure you are in the correct mindset for each specific test. Knowing the content is one thing but being able to effectively write about it and prove your point is another. For example, if you are taking the AP Psych test they don’t want you to waste time writing a beginning, middle, and end, they want what you know and that’s it. The AP Lang test, on the other hand, requires a beginning, middle, and end, plus some, depending on what type of response is being written.


Cramming for an AP test, or any test for that matter, is not a good idea. Trying to master material super fast will cause stress and ultimately make you forget what you studied. Creating a study schedule and will help you avoid cramming and help free up some time to do other things when you are not studying.

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