All Grades To Take SAT And PSAT

Kelsey Leerhoff, Staff Writer

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On Tuesday, April 9, freshman, sophomores, and juniors will be taking some form of the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test).

Juniors will be taking the actual formal form of the SAT. However, the sophomores and freshman won’t be taking the actual test.

The SAT is “a college placement test,” said Dr. Sarah Gass, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction. “[The SAT] is required for graduation,” said Jessica Beaston, freshman Counselor and SAT School Coordinator.

Beaston said that the “SAT is required by the state of Illinois [so] all 11th graders will be taking the SAT.”

The SAT is like the ACT in that they both are college placement tests and have an essay plus other sections. The ACT has an English, math, reading, science, and essay sections while the SAT has reading, writing, and language, and math. The scoring on the SAT is widely different from the ACT and the time is also different because the SAT gives students more time per question.

Sophomores and freshmen are taking the PSAT (Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test). While the PSAT isn’t the actual SAT, it’s important practice for the future when these students have to take the actual test as juniors.

The freshman and sophomores are taking this test because “it’s sort of a prediction of how you’re going to do on the actual SAT, and it also gives you the opportunity to really use those scores to get some additional training,” said Dr. Gass.

Seniors will not have to come to school that day. Freshman-Juniors are able to leave once testing is over, but buses will run their normal schedule.

Lunch will be served for anyone who chooses to eat here. Also, 9th hour classes are canceled and will resume on Thursday, April 11th.