Captain Marvel Is Not Worth Your Money

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Captain Marvel Is Not Worth Your Money

Kelsey Leerhoff, Staff Writer

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Captain Marvel, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, is the new girl power superhero movie, and it is a big deal for superhero movie goers.

Recently I watched Captain Marvel in theatres. I had high hopes for this movie, yet I came out of the theatre disappointed. Captain Marvel is one of, if not the most, undeveloped movie of 2019.

This movie was bad in almost every single way. For one, I could go on and on about how bad the characters were.

The main character was decent, yet literally every other single character basically stunk. For example, when it is revealed to the friends of the main character that Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) is a superhero, they have a reaction so bad you can almost compare it to garbage. They make surprised faces for 10 seconds, then are totally chill with it. Keeping in mind that Captain Marvel herself has been legally dead for six years. No freak out, no crazy reaction, nothing.

But I’m not blaming the actors; I’m blaming the horrific writing. The writing was so bad I wanted to physically leave the theatre while watching it.

That doesn’t even begin to classify how bad these characters are. They are the most basic, stereotypical movie characters I have ever seen, and I could name 10 movies right now that you could just copy-and-paste characters into this movie and it would probably be extremely accurate to what’s on screen. They’re so bad we can compare them to the likes of horror movie characters, where in almost every case, the characters are carbon copies of each other.

The characters aren’t the only problem with this movie; the plot itself is a big mess. First off, an intergalactic battle is such a tacky thing, and I guarantee that the audience has seen this movie trope a thousand times.

Intergalactic battles aren’t even the worst of how basic this movie’s plot can get. In the beginning, it’s clear that Danvers is suffering from amnesia, which is the most basic of basic in movies. And not just regular movies. We have seen amnesia in so many superhero movies that I can’t even name half of them.

Finally, my biggest problem with this movie is how Captain Marvel was obviously just a cash grab for Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios saw how successful Wonder Woman was with DC and many Marvel fans. With this knowledge, they tried to create an empowered woman superhero, with hopes this movie would be big. And while this movie was a big deal, the speedy and tacky writing is so obvious, it’s almost painful.

Beside the horrible characters and plot, there is one who I think did an exceptional job for the role she was given. Captain Marvel herself, played by actress Brie Larson. Larson did an amazing job in this movie, and it’s such a shame she had to be in a movie so undeveloped.

Overall, this movie sucks. With my hopes for this movie crushed, I can only hope Marvel Studios put something better out next time.