Advice For Future Freshman

Kelsey Leerhoff, Staff Writer

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As a current freshman, I have had many struggles adjusting to the high school from the junior high. Both schools are VERY different environments and I can’t stress that enough. Overall, I personally have loved my freshman year, but there are also MANY things that I wish someone would have told me before I came here.

1.You’re the Babies Again

As an 8th grader, you’re on top at QJHS. You’re the oldest and don’t have much to worry about because there’s no one older than you to look down on you (besides teachers). That’s not the case at the high school. You become a freshman, the youngest, the babies, the bottom of the chain. Here, ¾ of the school is older than you. That’s about 1500 people. So, you can’t act like you’re on top anymore.

2.(Most) Everyone Hates Freshman

            No matter who it is, no matter how old/young they may be, everyone, and I mean everyone, hates freshman. Or at least the majority. No matter how nice or sweet you are, upperclassman do not see you. They see the screaming freshman at the lunch table yelling profanity and arguing with teachers. Upperclassman only see the immaturity in freshman. The worst part is that the cycle will repeat when those freshmen become sophomores. Suddenly, they’re not the most hated group in the school, and they start hating the freshman just as much as they themselves were hated just a couple months back.

3.Seniors Aren’t Big Scary Monsters

            Rarely at the high school do you witness a senior fulfilling the stereotype as the big mean bullies of the school. Most are too concerned with other things to even look your direction. Stay out of other people’s way/business, and they’ll stay out of yours. The only bad experience other freshman and  have had with seniors is at football games. Certain seniors get VERY territorial when it comes to the student section. Not most though. So maybe the takeaway here is just watch where you sit at football games.


            I myself have issues with this sometimes. But trust me, this is a huge help in dealing with all your classes. The more organized you stay, the easier school gets. Teachers will adore that you’re well organized and being on a teacher’s good side is always a good thing. Staying organized just makes everything more convenient anyways.

5.Drama Doesn’t Just Go Away

            When I was at the end of my 8th grade year, so many teachers and school admins from the high school would come down the junior high and tell us information. One of these times, someone told us drama isn’t the same, and that it practically disappears. That could not be further from the truth. Petty and unnecessary drama most definitely still happens, just now (most of the time) it’s about more serious issues. None of that horrible junior high drama just goes away. It’s here to stay. But there is a difference here. The drama can be avoided much more easily than it could be at the junior high. If you choose to be around the right people, you can remain completely out of the loop with all the drama. I think the reason it’s easier to avoid all the drama here is because, for the most part, many of us immature 8th graders have realized how pointless all of that is by the end of our 8th grade year. Therefore, when we get to the high school, it has become insignificant. So, in my opinion, don’t get involved in all that. It can really hurt your emotional health.

6.Don’t Obsess Over Your Phone

            Technology is pretty amazing. But sometimes, we all just need to step away from social media and the internet, especially during school. I understand that you have been told to stay off your phone during school, and yes, I understand how repetitive that gets, but it’s so true. Technology has distracted so many students over the year that they don’t get the proper education they even come to school for. Just stay off your phone in classes. Besides, being on social media all the time can screw with your emotional and mental health so badly.

7.Do Your Work

            While it may sound simple, it most definitely is. If everyone in the school just did their work and got the help they needed, school would be so much easier for everyone. Just do what you need to do, and school will at least become semi-easy.

8.Ask For Help When You Need It

            When it comes to schoolwork, lose your pride and get the help you need. Sometimes work will be easy for you, sometimes it won’t. Doesn’t don’t be afraid to ask for help. Use your resources by asking for extra help after school or even using 9th hour. Spending extra time on your work could mean going from a D+ to a B-. The small things really help. If you’re too embarrassed to ask for help, don’t be. We have opportunities in place here.

9.Join Extracurricular Activities

            The extracurricular activities at the school are absolutely amazing. I highly recommend joining one, and you won’t regret it if you do. We have so clubs, show choirs, musicals/plays, and sports teams. They’re a great opportunity to have friends and have fun, and in the future, colleges will love it.

10.Enjoy Yourself

            Don’t stress over school, extracurriculars, or your friends. All you need to do is make sure those things are taken care of, and you’ll be set to have fun!

Freshman year can be a blast if you let it, so enjoy yourself, do what you have to do, and you’ll love your first year a Quincy Senior High School.