Why I Don’t like Toy Story

Kelsey Leerhoff, Staff Writer

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Toy Story is a movie that many children and their families hold close to their hearts. Written by Andrew Stanton, Toy Story is an amazingly well put together movie. Who wouldn’t love this movie? It’s a fun tale about cute little living toys that journey through their young owners’ life, helping him with struggles he goes through. It’s truly heartwarming…Right?

Not to me it isn’t. I hate Toy Story. Personally, I don’t understand why everyone likes it. I’ve been told I’m probably one of the only people in the world who hates Toy Story and its sequels, but I have no problem with that. I just can’t comprehend how this movie is a household classic.

I find all the movies so repetitive. They annoy me, to put it simply. Why is this movie shown so much on TV? It seems like almost every time I go channel surfing, I see this movie. And, of course, because everyone loves these movies, I have to bear through watching the same plot almost a million times. And after watching it so much, you’d think I would come around to these movies. But no. If anything, it has made me hate Toy Story more.

I also dislike the message of the first Toy Story in particular.

Its impressively downbeat thesis is that you’re not special, you’re the same as everyone else, and you won’t be content unless you resign yourself to your unremarkable fate.” said writer Nicholas Barber in his article titled The Dark Side of Toy Story for the BBC.

A message like that is shocking in a children’s movie about animated toys. Especially because so many families play this for their children particularly for the subjects of love and family. Frankly, I’m amazed more people haven’t picked up on this.

I do commend Toy Story for one thing, however. This movie revolutionized animation for the late 90’s. The life-like movement of the characters and the seamless transitions almost make this movie tolerable. The animation shoots up the quality of this movie, and it’s clear so much work went into producing the film itself.

There is a Toy Story 4 currently in production, and personally, I do not enjoy it. I’ve watched the trailers many times, and I think this might be the worst Toy Story movie yet. A whole plot around a spork? I know creative ideas are on the down low, but a spork? How is a spork supposed to entertain a child, much less be a huge part of a classic movie franchise? It can’t. The trailer looks bad, the plot isn’t the best, and the animations that revolutionized the 90’s are still basically the same, only with better shading.

Making a new Toy Story movie just seems like a quick grab for cash. Many kids who fell in love with the first movie(s) may have kids of their own now, prompting Pixar Studios to make a new movie, pulling the heartstrings of many of the now young adults. This implores audiences to go see/buy the movie for their young children, and all the money those parents send go right back to large corporation.

This movie will likely seem rushed and an attempt to get that warm feeling of the first movie back, but from what I’ve seen in trailers, it will probably fail tremendously. This new movie feels dry and unoriginal, and I’m positive audience members will pick up on it too.

Toy Story is not good. All of the movies just aren’t that impressive. The messages in the first one are questionable, and the only good thing was the animation, but now its so outdated that it’s no longer impressive. I think we need to just let Toy Story die.