Up “brings joy to our hearts”

Alec Eaton, Staff Writer

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p is a 2009 Disney Pixar animated movie directed by Pete Docter. The movie follows the life of Carl Fredricksen, a widower who decides to go to Paradise Falls but can’t leave his house behind because of the construction near him. He meets this boy Russel who, in order to get his final merit badge for helping the elderly, tries to help Carl in whatever he needs. Carl finally has enough of the construction and after being accused of assault, he decides to leave. He blows up enough balloons, ties them to his house, and the house starts flying off the Paradise Falls. Suddenly, while in the air, he hears a knock at his door. It happens to be Russel who wants to help him. Carl has to decide to let him go with him to Paradise Falls or lower the house and let Russel off.

The movie stars Ed Asner (Carl Fredrickson), Jordan Nagai (Russel), Christopher Plummer (Charles F. Muntz), and Bob Peterson (Dug). The movie did well with audiences scoring a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and 98% with critics. It made $735.1 million at the box office and Up won 15 awards, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

The thing I love about this movie is that there are only a handful of characters you have to remember. The four listed above are the main characters of the movie and are the only ones you should have to remember. Also, there is a lot of love throughout this movie. From the beginning of the movie, the montage of Carl and Ellie as they live their lives until death, to the middle of the movie, when Russel helps Carl find Paradise Falls, and the end of the movie, when Carl hangs out with Russel doing just about anything.

The thing I don’t like about this movie is that it’s not logical. The bad guy of the movie, Charles F. Muntz, goes hunting for the “beast of paradise falls,” at maybe the age of thirty-something, and is still alive after 70 years looking for the same “beast”. Carl was a kid when he first went looking for the beast so there is no way Charles lived that long. Also, the beast is a bird. It’s not even scary looking and it is actually quite dumb.

I rate this movie 8/10 because although the movie could have done the evil plot better, it’s still a great movie that brings joy to our hearts.