Summer Activities To Keep You Busy

Kelsey Leerhoff, Staff Writer

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Summer is drawing ever nearer and many students are excited, but what can to do with all their extra free time?


There are so many places in Quincy where you can help out and give back.The Humane Society,YMCA, Kroc Center, Good Samaritan Home, and Horizons are just a few options.


Camping in Quincy is so underrated. It’s actually a very fun thing to do. It gives you time away from electronics and the busy world, and gives you a place to just breathe with your family and friends. Driftwood Campgrounds are the most famous in Quincy, but if your willing to travel a couple extra miles, Whispering Oaks in Mendon is a fun place to visit and I 100% recommend it.

3. Join a Sports Team

There are several ways to get involved physically.Joining a sports team is healthy and ultimately a lot of fun. The Quincy Park District has many sports teams to get involved in, and it doesn’t have to be competitive. Getting together with some friends and just having fun playing a sport is a great way to get out of the house, and enjoy summer.

4. Join a Gym

If sports isn’t really your thing, but you still want to be healthy and in shape, I suggest joining a gym. Making a schedule to workout and sticking to it is one of the most satisfying things in that you’re keeping a healthy routine to better yourself. If a gym itself is too expensive, I suggest setting up a at-home-workout routine. Utilizing items at your house is a fun way to stay in shape. 

5.Take Summer School Classes

I know that summer is a break from school, but if you need extra credits, I highly recommend doing this. Summer school classes can give you the extra boost you need if you failed a class the year before or you just want more credits for college. Ask you school counselor for information about this privilege we have.

6.Take John Wood Classes

John Wood Community College not only offers students credit bearing classes, but also other classes and activities that are super fun to participate in. Visit the John Wood website if you’re interested in this option.

7.Make Plans with Friends

It may sound simple, but losing touch with your friends is quite easy in the summer. Make plans a lot and you’ll be sure to keep a great relationship with them.

8.Have fun!

Summer is most definitely a time to relax and take a break from the stress of the school year. I suggest doing something that makes you happy, while taking in the sweet, relaxing time of summer.