Cool Math Games Should be Banned

Kelsey Leerhoff, Staff Writer

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At QHS, our servers block a lot of outside content, including most social media, sketchy or inappropriate websites, and, of course, all internet games. Except one, however. The infamous Cool Math Games.

I’m almost certain that most students have been on Cool Math Games at least once in their lives, even me. And I’m also certain many of them could tell you that there are close to zero games actually about math.

To be fair, there are about twelve math games on the home screen but scroll down and there is absolutely nothing educational about this website.

Whenever computers are given to students or they’re in the computer lab, it’s almost guaranteed that at least a couple students in the room will immediately go to Cool Math Games. And it’s obvious they’re not going to be going on there to play educational games. Nope, instead they’re mindlessly screwing around when they could be productive.

This is a problem. How come every other game is blocked except this one? I honestly do not know how this is still going on, why is it not banned or blocked by the QPS web filtering device.

When you search for other games or the term games in general, every website that comes up is blocked. On the web page where the filtering system says it’s blocked, it gives a ‘category’. This is basically states the reason the website is blocked. In the category for all the other blocked websites similar to Cool Math Games, the category says games. This confuses me greatly. Isn’t Cool Math Games basically one huge gaming website? It even has the word game in the title!

Is the only reason this website is not blocked because the word math is in the title? And by that logic, why isn’t it already banned? It also has the word game in it! It makes no sense whatsoever!


I have no idea how administration isn’t aware of this. But don’t they have to be?

If so many students get referrals about misuse of technology, and the misuse is taking place on the same website at a constant rate, wouldn’t administration know this?

This website is very clearly a distraction, and most teachers who use online tools know it’s a problem, and I’m sure a majority report them, but no one seems to be doing anything at all to fix the issue.

I think it’s time we ban this game from appearing on  Quincy Public Schools servers. It would only help school as a whole, and I see virtually no harm in blocking it. It’s only an interruption to the learning of so many students. There is no benefit to keeping this website unblocked, and I think we should ban it for good.