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Code Red Shares Stories Through Their Music

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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Katie Taylor, sophomore, and Maddi Garner, QHS graduate, make up the band Code Red. Code Red is a religion based group that loves performing and spreading the word of God through their music.

“I focus on the story I want to tell and I try to do as much as possible to get the word out about God and how much he loves everyone. I think that’s the big part of what we do,” Taylor said.

Code Red has been performing together for about 8 months but Taylor and Garner say they have been friends for years.

Taylor and Garner both agree that they want performing to be a part of their futures.

“Our goal here is to just take the message as far as we can and impact as many people as we can,” Taylor said.

Even though the band is just getting started, the love for music began when they were both very young.

“I had been doing music since I was really young but music always had a way of speaking to me  in a way that people usually couldn’t so I wanted to be able to do the same thing for other people,” Garner said.

Many bands will give up when they don’t make it big immediately but Code Red intends to not stop working towards their goal in spreading the word of God.

“We each had individual talents and I think we realized that we could really take this thing pretty far if we work together,” Taylor said.

Being a band that is based around religious ideas and performing in general can be very nerve-racking.

“Getting myself ready and understanding that what we’re about to do isn’t about us,” can make Taylor nervous.  But she states that the band’s job is to “inform people about God and who he is.”

“I think that is kind of a struggle that can put a lot of pressure on you,” Taylor said.

While nerves are rattling they still manage to put on an amazing show that can touch the lives of many.

“The best part of performing I would have to say is not even the performance itself but the fact that you can impact people,” Garner explained.

Code Red has confidence that they will be able to change the world with their music.

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Code Red Shares Stories Through Their Music