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Seniors Prepare for Graduation

Victoria Ward, Staff Writer

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Graduating students of 2017 received a notification in the mail last week regarding how graduation will run on June 2. The aftermath of construction from last year brought this year’s graduation up earlier than the last day of school.

Amanda Pays, a senior, said that with college coming up suddenly she is scared but has no concerns about graduation.

Final Exams

Due to the changes in standardized testing over the last few years, this year’s graduating class is exempt from final exams if they are proficient in reading, writing and math. ┬áBefore this year, students earned proficiency through the PSAE, PARCC, or by taking department created proficiency tests.

Principal Danielle Arnold said that students must have their proficiency tests passed by May 12 or they will not be excused from taking finals after the graduation date.

Graduation Practice

Graduation practice will take place the day before graduation at Flinn Stadium at 10:00 AM. If it rains, the make up practice will be held at Flinn Stadium at 10:00 AM the day of graduation.

Senior Alexandria Keck said that she is excited for graduation and the new experiences that follow.

“[I’m just worried] that I’m going to trip while I’m walking across the stage,” Keck said.

Graduation Set-up

Maintenance and custodial staff put the event together with the help of office administration, Adams County Emergency Management, and teachers who supervise the event.

But even with the changes for graduating students, Principal Arnold said that setting up and taking down graduation is a “well oiled machine.”

In case of bad weather, both Flinn stadium and Baldwin gym are set up for graduation.

The Day of Graduation

All graduating students are to receive six tickets for graduation and may request more if needed.

The six graduation tickets will be given to students the day of graduation practice.

The event will be held at Flinn Stadium on Friday, June 2 at 7:00 PM.

“I also want to encourage students to try their caps and gowns on before graduation to make sure that they fit,” Principal Arnold said.


The Student News Site of Quincy Senior High School
Seniors Prepare for Graduation