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Being A Vegetarian Has Its Benefits

Victoria's chickpea tacos with hot sauce and cheese

Victoria's chickpea tacos with hot sauce and cheese

Victoria's chickpea tacos with hot sauce and cheese

Victoria Ward, Staff Writer

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During the school year at breakfasts and lunches, students indulge themselves in their daily source of protein: meat. But for some, the situation and the needs have changed.

Vegetarianism is when an individual refuses to eat meat, including fish, for religious, moral, or health reasons. Each person’s reasons may vary based on their needs or wants out of their diet.

Based around my morals and my health concerns, I decided to become a vegetarian. At first I found myself salivating over the tasty delicacies that my friends and family ate. Over the course of a month, my body no longer felt the ties that it had before with meat products.

Emotional Benefits

Animals have been tested on, thrown in captivity, eaten, bred incorrectly or inhumanely, hunted down and tortured, and killed for fun. So the last thing that I felt like doing was taking more lives just to get a day’s worth of nourishment.

One of the benefits that I immediately felt after quitting meat was that I was feeling less guilty and I felt a lot less lethargic. With the help of supplements and vitamins, I began to feel and see the difference that was occurring from the diet switch. One of the best changes that I saw over the course of the first month was that I looked less bloated after eating and that I looked much more toned and muscular.

I will admit that at first the diet switch was a hard adjustment; I could hardly find substitutes for the protein my body needed. Eventually after doing extensive research, I found recipes and foods that catered to me the most. I just needed to look in the right place. Now I have access to recipes that benefit me, animals, and in turn the environment.

Budget Benefits

Obviously meat and fish are not cheap products, but by becoming a vegetarian I found that I had less money spent at the store and more money in my wallet.

One reason that I started to see more cash is that beans are a cheap product and a great source of protein. I use beans in many dishes, including bean wraps or vegetarian tacos,  which has a positive effect upon my body and wallet.

But another way I saved money by switching my diet is that I no longer was eating out frequently; most restaurants don’t cater to vegetarians in Quincy. But there are a few alternatives that allowed me to get a cheap meal when I was out like eating a salad, an appetizer, ordering just a side dish, or sharing a meal with friends.

The money that I have saved from switching my diet is not a huge amount but it’s still more cash than I had before. And its a huge amount saved for a high school student who hasn’t had a job since the beginning of January.

Health Benefits

Within a month of quitting meat, I was thinner, I had noticeably clear and smooth skin, I felt energetic and refreshed more often, and I was getting ill less frequently. I didn’t feel the need to run from those who were sick around me; I knew I felt healthier and it would be unlikely that I would catch what they had.

I have been sick several times over the course of my high school career, but I find myself at my most healthy this year. I have had around three doctor’s appointments this year compared to around five to eight in previous years.

Overall, I think that a lot of the health benefits were happening due to me taking extra steps to better my health and well-being.

One may find that vegetarianism isn’t comfortable for them, but creating a custom diet and paying extra attention to your needs and wants really pays off. My independence from meat products has allowed me to discover and shape myself more as a person and to become a more emotionally open and informed person. Meat-free options are the way to go.

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Being A Vegetarian Has Its Benefits