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Make Valentine’s Day YOU day

Bailey Gasparovic, Staff Writer

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Valentine’s Day is a day where couples show their affection for one another publicly but what do you do if you’re single? Surprisingly there are many options for making Valentine’s Day about you!

Watch Netflix: There are hundreds of great movies on Netflix to celebrate love and yourself. Clueless and 13 Going on 30 are great if you’re looking for a pick me up if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. Movies like Forrest Gump and The Princess Bride are great to watch if you are just loving the idea of love.

Throw a party: Invite all your friends over and just go wild! Order pizza, eat ice cream, watch movies, and just have fun with your friends. Having fun is never limited to being with a significant other.

Cuddle with animals: Most everyone can agree that dogs are better than people so what’s the harm of hanging out with one all day? Dogs, cats, and any other soft animal are great cuddle buddies on a day all about love, so love your furry friend to the fullest.

Unplug: Getting pesky notifications all day about people being in love can get annoying so take the day and get away from all the hype from friends and family. There’s no need for you to look at them anyway.  Plus all the posts will still be there on the 15th.

Remember that being single isn’t all bad: Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is hard work. Buying them gifts and writing love letters on February 14th can tire anybody out. So look on the bright side! Being single means you don’t have to do any of that, unless, of course, you want to buy something for yourself, which is never a bad idea.

Even though you may be single on Valentine’s Day, you can still make the most of it, and if all else fails, treat it like a normal day or even get something for a friend. Either way, the day can still be tons of fun.


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Make Valentine’s Day YOU day