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Students Should Prepare To Take The SAT On April 5

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As of April 5, the SAT is the state mandated test for all current juniors.


All schools in the state of Illinois are now required to give juniors the SAT as part of their graduation requirements. The ACT was replaced by the state of Illinois due to the result of a bidding process.

“I think [the state has]always wanted to offer a free college readiness assessment  to juniors in the state of Illinois,” Principal Danielle Arnold said.


Some are not as acquainted with the SAT because it is not as popular here in the Midwest. The purposes of the SAT and ACT are very similar. Both tests are fairly essential to college entrance and they can count towards proficiency testing.

“The time that students have on each section is very similar. As far as the content between ACT and SAT, there are differences,” Jessica Beaston, junior guidance counselor, said.

However, they do have some significant differences in content.

The SAT only has three test sections: Reading, Math, Writing & Language. The ACT has four test sessions: Math, Reading, English and Science. Another major difference is the SAT allows the use of formulas for the entirety of the math sections and the ACT does not.

In March of 2016, the SAT made some changes that includes a two part math section, one in which students are allowed to use their calculators and one where they are not. They’ve made some additional changes to the scoring and structure of the test as well. However, both have an optional essay available for students to complete if they choose. Juniors must take the essay on April 5th with the rest of the test.


The SAT now has a larger impact on students’ futures than ever before. As of this spring, any junior that does complete the SAT will not be allowed to continue on to the 12th grade.

It is important that students take into consideration how important this test is whether you plan to go to college or not.

“I think that it’s a good idea for all students to take the test[seriously].It’s going to prepare them for anything, because these days employers are looking at scores, the skills students have, their strengths and you can see all that through a test like this,” Beaston said.

There are several rules that the school is required to follow during the test which affects certain aspects of the test taking.

“The SAT  is going to be administered on  April 5th; that’s the test date that has been administered by the state of Illinois. We will be taking  it in the gymnasium. We’ve done that setup before with large groups in the past. There are very specific  rules. We have to have certain size tables; they have to be a certain distance apart from one another. So we’ll be following all of those rules in terms of the setup,”  Arnold said.


It’s more common than not that students begin to feel overwhelmed when they’re to prepare for a test like this. Nonetheless, there are several opportunities students can take advantage of to be fully equipped and prepared to take the SAT. There are some online resources, such as Khan Academy, that are available.The school also hosted a SAT  workshop on March 7th.

“The  junior counselors have met with their students throughout the year; they’ve given them some online resources and tools, like Khan academy, to use for preparation,” Arnold said.

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Students Should Prepare To Take The SAT On April 5